Sunday, December 20, 2015

November 2015

Carter is really getting into drawing pictures.  My mom bought him a couple "how to draw" books and he loves them!  He is really good too!

Just a cute girl!

I walked into Carter and Mason's room and found this!  They were just coloring in Mason's crib.

This little man is now getting around everywhere!

Six month pictures!  This big man is now sitting up.

Carter wore this same Thanksgiving outfit :)  I had to get some pictures of Mason in it too.

November must not have been a very eventful month because I don't have very many pictures from it.  We did do Thanksgiving at my dad's and at our house but I didn't take a single picture :(

2015 Family Photos

Thank you to my sweet friend Ashley for taking our family photos again this year.  We love them!  Mason was exactly six months old in these pictures.  Carter was 5 1/2 and Madelynn was 3 1/2.

October Wrap-Up

Awesome bedhead! 

After I had them all dressed for church I realized they were all in gray.  So we had to stop and get a few pictures.

Our new van!

The classic "I can only push myself backwards and get stuck in some funny spots" picture.

Carter was actually sick on Halloween so it wasn't the best one we have had.  But they sure looked cute in their costumes.  We only made it to my dad's house before he was crying and wanting to go home.  So we did.  He ended up having an infection on his face that we thought was just a little rash.  He was one sick little boy with the infection and fever.  The infection caused him a tremendous amount of pain!