Friday, September 11, 2015

Mason is FIVE Months Old!

Each month just seems to go faster and faster.  My last baby needs to slow down!  It's sad knowing he is my last baby and the time just seems to fly by.  He is just the sweetest baby.  Everyone that talks to him always asks me if he is always that happy.  Unless he is hungry or tired...he typically is.  He loves to smile at everyone!  He has big beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when he smiles.  I love it.

He is rolling over but still can't get his arm out from under him.  Which I suppose means he isn't technically rolling over yet.  But he is all the way on his belly with his arm stuck.  I'm sure it will be any day that he figures out how to get his arm out.

We introduced rice cereal this week.  He tolerates it but doesn't seem overly excited about it.  And it doesn't seem to be helping him sleep longer.  In my last monthly blog post I could honestly say he was sleeping through the night.  Not anymore :(  Last night he went to bed about 8 and then woke up at 11:30 and 4:30.  That 11:30 time is not acceptable!  ;)  I am ready for him to go back to sleeping through the night again.  He has started putting himself to sleep though!  I am now able to lay him down awake and he falls asleep.  One of my biggest goals for my babies!

He loves his jump a roo and jumps like crazy in that thing.  He also loves laying down on the floor and scooting around on his back and attempting to roll.  He loves smiling and giggling at his brother and sister who are both smitten with him.  Every morning as soon as Mason wakes up, Carter climbs in his crib with him and plays with him.  Mason loves it!  I am praying those two boys have a great friendship!  He is also liking the bumbo and sitting up more now.  He still sleeps great in his swing but is also sleeping either on our bed or in his crib great too!  He is in his crib at night but often takes naps on our bed so that Carter can still play in his room during the day.  As soon as he starts rolling over that will have to end.  He isn't as excited about being in his car seat anymore.  Sad.  He falls asleep great in it but if he isn't super sleepy, he'd rather not be in it.

He is wearing 3-6 month clothes but is quickly moving into 6 or 6-9 month stuff.  He is also still in size two diapers but will move into 3's as soon as he runs out of what we have.

He loves having a blankie on him and rubbing it on his face, especially when he is tired.  He is starting to play with toys and is now able to hold them and put them into his mouth.  He has one tooth that has popped through and has a second one almost through!  I can see it under the gums.  He has been handling the teething thing pretty well though.  He just frantically wants anything in his mouth that he can get.

He broke out in baby acne all over his body after I attempted to get rid of his cradle cap with olive oil.  I'll never do that again.  People said it clogged his pores.  My first baby that didn't have baby acne and then I cause it to happen with olive oil.  I think it is getting better finally!  Hoping it goes away completely soon.  He had such beautiful skin!

He really seems to be the typical third baby with a laid back personality who goes with the flow most of the time.  I am so thankful for that!

We love our happy, smiley, giggly little man!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship with Football

I don't like football.  I never have and I really don't believe I ever will.  I don't understand how to play and I have the hardest time following what is happening on the very rare occasions that I do attempt to watch it.  But my son played his very first game of Upward flag football.  And I loved every second of it.  I loved watching him follow the coaches instructions, run around on the field with a big smile on his face, play super heroes on the sideline while he wasn't in the game, run after an opponent with the ball some times, stand and watch his opponent run with the football with a big smile on his face other times, and even make his very first touchdown from the far side of the field.  Kindergarten football is full of innocence.  They don't always care that the other team has the ball and just might score a touch down.  And even when the other team does score, they still run around with a big smile on their faces.  I feel like I saw real joy on Carter's face today.  He was proud of himself.  I was proud of him.  My heart was beaming as he ran with that football tucked in his arms toward his first touch down.  Every parent who knew him was yelling "go Carter, go Carter" and parents who didn't know him were cheering him on too.  It was a fun moment.   I don't like football.  But I really like my five year old football player.  And I really like watching him play football.  His football career will continue as he chooses until he can no longer play flag football.  Mark my words...we will not be a tackle football family.  But for now, football is fun. 

But my favorite part of Carter's first football game was the star ceremony after.  Upward is a Christian based organization that does devotionals at each practice and encourages and rewards every kid, every game for sportsmanship, team work, great attitudes, and Christ like behavior.  After every game all the kids and parents go into a room in the church for snack and for the star ceremony where each child gets a star sticker for something they did during that game.  One of their stars is the Christ like star.  They said they won't give it out every game and it is for one special kid during some games that exemplifies Christ like behavior.  My Carter man got that today.  His coach said he loved how Carter did everything he was told without question.  He didn't tell his coaches what he wanted to do but rather just did what he was told with a great attitude.  My son doesn't know much about football but he still played with heart and followed his coaches instructions perfectly.  I am so thankful for that award today for him.  I am so thankful he showed a Christ like character on the field today.  He shined bright during his game today.  It sure didn't last all day and we were still dealing with normal five year old naughty behavior at other points during the day.  But during his football game, he shined.  And I couldn't be more proud.  I don't want to sound like a prideful mom.  But I feel like this day was worthy of documenting for the future.  I have a lot of hard days with Carter.  I will look back at today and remind myself that he really is an awesome kid who still sins.  He has great days with awesome milestones that make me smile bigger than I knew I could.  For all the hard days and hard moments with my son, today reminded me that I am not a failure as a mom.  I am the farthest from perfect, but I'm not a failure.  And for the last couple of weeks I have felt like I am failing as a mom with my son.  We are in a rough patch.  I want to be real about the rough patches.  They are hard.  They are miserable at times.  I cry over his behavior sometimes.  But I am not failing.  I am doing my very best and Carter is a shining star at times.  God has given him a heart of compassion and joy.  I love the days that those two great qualities shine bright.  Sometimes they are hidden for a while and I wonder if we will get through the day.  But they are there.  He is a great kid and I am a mom who loves her son very much.  I am so thankful for today.  I am thankful for the chance to see him shine bright on the football field and be an example of Christ.     

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby Mason Boy is FOUR Months Old!

Madelynn calls her baby brother baby Mason boy.  She loves calling him that and it cracks us up.  So our baby Mason boy has now turned four months.  And he is pretty awesome.

Mason is very happy and smiley.  He loves to talk to people and always gives great big smiles when someone pays attention to him.  He has really grown up this month.  He is very aware of what is going on around him, turns when he hears one of our voices to look for us, watches our cat Max, loves to try and watch TV (which we don't let him), giggles a little more often now but still not a lot, loves to be snuggled by any one of us, sleeps in his swing great, sleeps in his bed at night great, is starting to hold toys, chews on his fingers a lot, reaching for things a little, and has even started trying to roll over. He is definitely more curious about the world around him then he was a few weeks ago. 

He still has grumpy days depending on what I ate.  Most days are great but every once in a while something I ate upsets his stomach and he is not super happy about it.  He is sleeping great!  I would say probably about four nights a week he sleeps completely through the night until at least 6.  He went until 7:30 the other morning and had gone to bed at 8.  11.5 hours of sleep!  So great!  But he still has random nights where he wakes up at 2:30 or 3 to eat and then goes back down for three or four more hours.  No rhyme or reason for any of it but I think it is still great!  The next thing I need to start working on is getting him to fall asleep on his own in his crib in the evening.  He likes to be nursed to sleep and laid down asleep.  Sometimes he wakes up and then won't go to sleep.  I'll start working on that after Disneyland.  I also need to get him napping in his crib.  He still prefers to nap in his swing which is fine for now but I know he is starting to wake up a little easier with his brother and sister playing around him.  It would be nice to get him in his room for naps pretty soon.  Probably when his big brother is in school in the fall. 

He act as if he is teething.  I am really not ready for that.  But he chews on his fingers all day and mine if I let him (not sucking, chewing), drools a ton right now, and sometimes will fuss for no other apparent reason.  But it seems a little early to me. 

He is a great car baby and falls asleep pretty quickly on most car trips.  Even if he just woke up from a nap he will often fall asleep.  This bodes well for us on Friday as we drive down to Anaheim!  Praying he is easy on that long of a drive! 

He is in 3-6 month clothes and size 1/2 or size 2 diapers.  The 1/2's from Costco are getting a little too small.  But we have just a few left.  We haven't started any solid food yet which is the longest I have ever waited.  I started both Carter and Madelynn the day they turned four months but I just don't feel like I am in a hurry this time around.  Maybe after we get home from Disneyland I'll try a little rice cereal.  I've stopped bringing him to work with me at the church for the most part.  He was getting a little too hard to have here with me.  He does better napping at home anyway. 

He is just the sweetest.  I kind of feel like he has been our easiest baby.  Sorry Carter and Madelynn ;)  But I think the Lord knew I needed that with the third.  I am very aware that three is about what I can handle.  Thankful for God's plan for our family!

Love you sweet baby Mason boy! (No, I am not going to start calling him that!)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Mason is THREE Months!

Mason is actually three months and nine days (my bad).  And he is delicious.  Seriously, this kid is just about the cutest and sweetest thing ever.  I could just kiss him all day long.  And tonight, at three months and nine days old, he laughed at me for the first time!  It was beautiful!  A real giggle and he kept doing it every time I made a high pitched squeal because I was so excited to hear him laugh.  And Jay was the one holding him so I have a witness.  I love the stage he is in right now.  He still sleeps a lot during the day but is sleeping so much better at night and is starting to interact with us.  He started smiling over the last month and it is the most beautiful smile.

Mason has big eyes!  People comment on his eyes a lot.  He is still ridiculously obsessed with his brother and sister and gives them the most smiles of anyone.  He loves when they hug and kiss him and try to make him smile.  He smiles all the time too!  He has also really started to coo and make intentional noises at us.  It feels like he really does have a very sweet personality.  I hope it stays that way!

He is sleeping really well at night!  He goes down after his last feeding sometime around 9ish (sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on when his evening nap was).  Last night he slept until 4:45 for his first feeding which isn't too bad but the night before he slept straight until 6:45!!  Glorious!  Most nights it is just one feeding somewhere between 3:30 and 4:30.  And then he sleeps again until 7 or 8.  He is doing really great.  He still takes 3 to 4 naps during the day too and some of those are two to three hours long.  He loves his swing and still naps in it most of the time.  But he sleeps great in his crib in his and Carter's room at night.

He is wearing a few 0-3 month clothes but is quickly moving into 3-6 month stuff.  But he is still in size one diapers but once those run out we'll move him into size two.  He still eats every three hours or so unless he is in the middle of one of his long naps.  We haven't had to do bottles since his first couple weeks of life so I have no idea if he will ever take a bottle if I want him to.  But he nurses great.

He is my last baby and for that reason I am sad when he moves out of phases.  For example, he is now three months which in my mind makes him not a newborn anymore.  I'll never have a newborn again...which makes me sad.  But I also feel true contentment in how God knit our family together just perfectly.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that our family was meant to be a family of five.  The peace I feel in having three beautiful children and being done with that is overwhelming.  I am so thankful God has given me such a peace about not having four.  My family is just perfect for me.  And I am so thankful for them.

In his three short months of life Mason has gone to a parade, taken a ride on a tram in Portland, had hundreds of snuggles and kisses, traveled to visit and meet family twice, and has won over the hearts of all of us!  Coming up next for him is his first trip to Disneyland and his first time on an airplane. Both happening in the next couple of months!

Mason Henry, you are one special little dude and we couldn't be more thankful for you!    

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mason is TWO months old!

Our sweet chunky monkey turned two months a few days ago and I really can't quite believe it.  He is seriously amazing.  I am madly in love with our little man.  He is my baby and my last one at that so I am trying my absolute hardest to soak up every minute I have with him.  He has had some major milestones this last week. 

For starters, he had his two month well baby check last Wednesday.  He weighed 11 pounds 13 ounces and was 23 inches long.  They are still comparing him to other preemies which put him on the large scale for percentages.  Of course, I don't have the stats sitting in front of me right now but he was something like the 90th for weight and height.  I asked them to convert his stats to compare to full term babies and he was 75th for height and 50th for weight.  Just perfect :)  He is growing fast though and now everyone who knows him is saying he is really getting chunky.  I see it too.  I keep calling him my chunky monkey.  He is similar to Carter at this age.  Carter's stats were right about the same.  Madelynn was much smaller. 

Another milestone this last week is that he started smiling!  His appointment was on Wednesday and the doctor asked if he was smiling.  I had to tell him not really.  We had seen a couple little smiles but not much.  Then literally the next day the sunshine just opened up and the kid smiled like ten times at us.  Carter could get him to smile by saying "honey, where are my pants?"  For future reference when I am old and can't remember what that line is's from the movie The Lego Movie and Carter LOVES to say it.  His smile is beautiful.  I still have to work fairly hard to get it but sometimes it does come easily.  Today I was talking to a friend at church and I looked down and he was just beaming at me.  LOVE! 

He also moved into his crib in his and Carter's room.  I am still laying him down asleep right after his last feeding of the evening which is usually around 10ish.  The first night he slept until 1:30 and then woke up again at 5:30.  Last night, his second night, he slept until 3:30 (whoo hoo!) and then again until 6:30.  That was his first five hour stretch!  Glorious.  I also laid him down wide awake for a nap the other day in the pack n play and he put himself to sleep.  Another milestone!  He is growing up.

He is really alert now and interested in what is going on around him.  He watches people and follows them when someone walks past him.  He holds his head up great.  He still gets super fussy in the evenings.  Of course, that is when I am the most tired and ready for some down time.  I don't get down time right now but I know it is coming soon.  And again, he is my last and in a couple years I will be missing this baby time so much. He still eats about every three hours and is becoming faster at it.  And most feedings he actually stays awake long enough to finish the feeding.  That is really nice.  He loves being in the car and falls right to sleep most of the time or just stares up at the window and watches things go by.  He loves his brother and sister and they are obsessed with him.  Oh, another milestone for us is that I left him in the nursery at church for the first time this week.  So he was nine weeks for his first time at that...earlier than my other two kids.  They other were right at three months but the Weld family was in the nursery and they love my babies, so I did it.  And now I should just keep doing it.  I firmly  believe they do better in the nursery as they get older if they start young.  Important milestones and when they happened...first real smiles, 9 weeks 1 day.  First time in his crib in his own room, 9 weeks, 2 days.  And first time in the nursery, 9 weeks, 4 days. 

Mason is one special little man we he completes our family just beautifully.  We are so thankful for our three healthy children that God has so graciously blessed us with.  Some days are hard.  Really hard.  But we are thankful.

Speaking of those hard days.  I should document those details too.  Free time for this mama?  Non existent!  Carter and Madelynn keep me busy during the day as well as taking care of Mason.  Then Carter and Madelynn go to bed and Mason hits his super fussy time of the day.  Last night I was actually able to make dinner, blackberry cobbler and blackberry jam while Mason napped and the kids played outside with Jay.  As soon as dinner was over (and my kitchen was destroyed from all the cooking) Mason woke up and fussed the rest of the evening.  So my kitchen remained a disaster.  My house feel like it will permanently be a mess, I will always have spit up on me (because yes, Mason is a spitter like his brother was), we will always have a list of at least 20 project items waiting to be finished, and I will always be answering ten questions a minute all day long as well as breaking up arguments or disciplining for bad behavior.  My days are hard right now.  Those are not the moments I thought about as I longed to have my own babies.  And three kids is hard.  I had it pretty easy with Carter and Madelynn who played pretty well by themselves when I wanted a break.  But a third changes that.  And I am okay with that.  I get overwhelmed and grumpy and short with my kids.  But as I type this I am reminded how badly I wanted to be a mom.  I am also reminded of the fact that my oldest is already five, my little girl is already three, and I am not ever going to have a newborn again.  My days in this phase of my life are going quickly.  It is just a phase.  I will get through it and then I will miss it.  Please, Lord, help me soak it all in now. 

And on to a completely different note.  Jay will be starting his "new" job with the new ambulance company in just a few weeks.  For the past seven/eight (something like that) years Jay has worked for Rural Metro Ambulance.  They lost the contract in Salem and Falck ambulance is taking over.  Thankfully Jay was able to get hired with Falck (after initially not getting hired) and just finished up all of his orientation.  He loves Falck so far and has high hopes that this company will treat their employees better.  He is excited to begin this new adventure.  We are hopeful it will be a refreshing change for Jay and so thankful that he still has a job!  He will also be changing shifts and gets to come to church again every other Sunday.  That is what I am most excited about. 

Life is always changing.  I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father does not change.  And that when I get stressed or fearful I know He is there and that nothing has changed with Him or who I am in Him.    

Monday, May 25, 2015

Time Sure Does Fly

Mason is six weeks old already!  Crazy.  Here is just a little bit about our sweet baby boy. 

He no longer sleeps all day and night like he did the first few weeks.  He acts like a completely normal little one who sleeps good stretches for naps during the day but has some fun and not so fun awake times in between.  He sleeps two to three hours at a time at night which leaves mommy very tired.  Most nights he goes back to sleep in between feedings fairly well and for that I am thankful.  It seems the 4/5am feeding is the hardest to get him back to sleep.  He often ends up snuggling with me in bed for a couple more hours.  He enjoys sleeping in his swing and will typically take good naps in that.  We have not tried his crib yet in his room but plan on trying that very soon.  He doesn't sleep well in the pack n play in our room during the day but that is where he sleeps at night. 

He loves to be held, especially by mommy.  And he is the snuggliest baby I've ever held.  If only I didn't have 800 other things to do throughout the day and I could just sit and hold him forever. 

He is really starting to chunk out.  I don't know what he weighs but my guess would be between 9 and 10 pounds now.  He is almost out of his newborn clothes (a few still fit) and has started wearing his 0 to 3 month stuff.  He is completely out of newborn diapers and in size 1 diapers. 

He is beginning to make us think he might really start smiling any day.  My mom said she got a smile out of him for real last week and today I saw him smile right at Carter.  He hasn't really smiled for me yet but he does smile a lot in his sleep.  His smile is breath taking (in my opinion) and I can't wait to start seeing it frequently. 

Having three kids is definitely an adjustment!  I have to let him cry a little more than I ever let the other two.  I keep telling him that his brother and sister would like to eat lunch sometime.  He doesn't seem to care yet :)  But when I need to feed the other kids he just has to hang out in his swing.  Even if that means he is crying the whole time.  And I will take a shower every single morning and I will not rush through it like there are snakes in the shower.  So if he has to cry, he has to cry.  Welcome to being a third kid, dude.  I even left him with my mom last night so Jay and I could go out to dinner alone.  On our way to dinner I realized I left my six week old and really didn't even give any instructions.  I just told her when he ate and that he would probably take a nap at some point.  If that had been my first I probably would have had a two page typed note written out with every detail of his life narrated.  Ha!  I am enjoying being a little more relaxed and laid back!

We took him on his first road trip last week to Clarkston, WA to visit my moms side of the family.  We wanted my grandparents to get to meet him!  He was a PERFECT traveler!!!  Literally!  He slept maybe all but 30 minutes each way!  So far he is our best traveler!  Our car even ended up breaking down half way home which turned our 8 or 9 our drive into a 13.5 hour drive and he was still perfect.

He has stolen our hearts and like Madelynn keeps saying "he is ours forever."  Love you little man!

Friday, April 24, 2015

And our family is complete!

Mason Henry Hinderks is here!  On April 8th, we welcomed (surprisingly) Mason into our family.  We had a C-section scheduled for April 24th but my body had other plans.  I had been dealing with high blood pressure for a few weeks.  I went in for an routine appointment on April 2nd and my doctor was not pleased with my blood pressure so she sent me in to the hospital to have a non stress test done.  I had done quite a few of those with Carter so I knew what to expect.  As I was leaving her office to head to the hospital though she asked me if I had eaten breakfast.  I replied yes and asked why.  She said because you might be having a baby today.  Huh.  That was a little surprising.  However, things looked pretty good for the test and she said to just go home and be on modified bed rest.  That still makes me giggle since I have two young kids at home.  But I did the best I could.  One week later (April 8th) I went back in for another routine check.  She checked my blood pressure first thing (174/110) and then responded with "you are having a baby today."  She told me it was more dangerous to keep Mason in at that point then to get him out 3 weeks and 2 days early.  So I walked out of the office, made a few phone calls (like my husband who was working) and drove to the hospital.  I was checked in by about 12:30 pm and at 5:15ish they walked me back to the operating room.  At 5:54 pm I heard the beautiful cry of my sweet baby boy and seconds later he was placed on my chest.  I got to hold him for at least 20 minutes while the doctor finished me up.  This was the first baby that they let me hold immediately.  The hospital is allowing it now as a new way of doing C-sections.  I loved it.  It took all of my fear and anxiety away as I laid there being stitched back up to hold my baby in my arms.  He was perfect. 

Mason weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.  He was healthy and ready to come out.  Praise the Lord.  I was worried about his lungs since he was so early but he was perfect. Carter and Madelynn were so excited to meet him and loved holding him whenever they could.  The delivery was smooth and easy and probably my easiest surgery so far.  Recovery has been a little harder but the actual C-section went great.  Mason is already 16 days old.  The first 12 days or so he slept probably 22 out of the 24 hours in each day.  He nursed great right from the beginning and slept through the night except when we would wake him up to feed him.  He was super sleepy from being so early and little.  But he latched perfect right away and has been a good eater (when he can stay awake) the whole time.  This week he is starting to wake up a lot more during the day and night which is making night time a little less enjoyable for me.  Last night he woke up every two hours all night long to eat.  It takes at least 30 minutes to feed each time so I was getting short bouts of sleep in between each feeding.  Having a newborn is not for the faint of heart.  But he is precious.  He has such a sweet spirit about him.  He is calm and snuggly and doesn't cry that often.  He has my heart and the heart of anyone who holds him.  He is just the sweetest! 

We are so thankful he is here!  Today was the day I was supposed to be having him.  It is crazy to think that I should be in the hospital right now delivering my baby and yet he is already 16 days old.  I am so thankful for God's plan and his amazing protection over my family.  Mason officially completes our family and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment in that.  I know that feeling is only from the Lord because I have wanted four kids my entire life.  And yet, today, in this moment, I know that our family is complete and I do not feel sad about that.  I am rejoicing in the fact that God has given us three beautiful healthy children and for that I am unbelievable grateful! 

I'll be back soon to post about Carter and Madelynn's birthdays!